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Holistic Care

We seek to address every one of our patients’ circumstances holistically, approaching behavioral health on a person-to-person basis. Making interventions on any facet of one’s health can improve the whole, and that is why we incorporate a variety of methods in our treatment to ensure that patients’ needs are thoroughly attended to.

Owned and operated by a social worker and a psychiatrist, Roots Behavioral Health is an integrative and integrated mental healthcare clinic, staffed with psychiatrists and PAs in addition to trained psychotherapists. The coupling of psychotherapy and psychiatry is a unique benefit we offer, but what truly separates us from other behavioral health clinics is the constantly evolving services we administer. We are unafraid of trying new things, and we utilize the most cutting-edge, evidence-based medications and therapies to achieve results.

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Learn what it means to truly help people holistically.


Did you know that getting restful sleep is one of our most health-promoting activities? Quality sleep increases our chances of maintaining a healthy weight and reduces our risk of developing serious health conditions such as dementia, infections, and even cancer. How can this be? For our immune system to work properly, it depends on getting adequate and restful sleep. Sleep problems are very common, and most of us experience a sleep issue at some point in our lives. However, understanding the problem can be confusing. Insomnia and other sleep-related disorders can be both a symptom and a primary condition. For example, insomnia is a common symptom of anxiety. Yet habits and particular behaviors we choose can also lead to insomnia. Talk with a Roots provider to learn more.

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Diet & Nutrition

”Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine by thy food.” This quote is often attributed to Hippocrates, the ancient Greek physician. Hippocrates may have been onto something. And yet, currently in the United States, an estimated 70% of adults are overweight or obese. Excess weight can lead to chronic, systemic inflammation, which has now been shown to adversely affect brain health and increase the risk of an individual developing depression, among other health problems. By learning how to improve your diet, you can take control of your brain health and give yourself the best chance of improving mental health without medications. Talk with a Roots provider to learn more about how to optimize your diet, and what supplements, if any, may help improve your overall health.

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Physical Activity

You don’t need us to tell you that exercise is good for the body. But did you know that regular aerobic exercise improves memory and learning? Moderate physical activity also improves our ability to handle stress, and it even reduces inflammation and improves sleep. Knowing which activities are best for you can be confusing, and embarking on an exercise program can be daunting. Our providers are here to help guide you to the best program for your mind and body.

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Did you know that you can train your mind like a Jedi’s? All kidding aside, meditation helps you take control of your mind and thoughts, which allows you to feel calmer and more focused. A meditation practice helps prevent us from spiraling into depression or panic when we get worried or bothered by events in our lives. You might think to learn these skills would take many years. On the contrary, learning to mediate is a relatively easy skill, but applying the practice to your life can present some challenges. Talk with one of our providers to learn more about mindfulness meditation, an evidence-based practice we offer at Roots.

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Digital Health

We’ve all heard that too much screen time and social media use can be harmful. And it’s becoming clear that misuse of this technology especially threatens mental health. However, social media can enrich our lives in some ways. So, how do we understand the healthiest and most beneficial use of technology? Speak with a Roots provider to better understand how to integrate technology into your life without it controlling you.

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Principles of Integrative Care

People aren't cookies, so a cookie cutter approach to wellness doesn't cut it. Below are the four tenets of our Integrative Care process that ensures better outcomes and a more effective path to overall well-being.


At the core of everything we do is an authentic yearning to understand—and consider—your unique needs in developing your care plan.


We possess deep knowledge of traditional psychiatric practice while remaining open to new and emerging methods of mental care.


Sometimes the best treatments occur before there's even a problem. We practice preventative rather than reactionary care whenever possible.


Every person is different, something we never lose sight of. We develop personalized care plans aimed at treating the individual individually.

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