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Lifestyle and Supplement Support


In addition to therapy and medication, our team always considers important components such as patients’ home environments, diet, exercise, meditation, and social factors when developing treatment plans. Our approach to psychotherapy includes several elements:

  • Therapeutic Relationship: Above all, we work to provide an environment that is a safe, accepting, and honest experience for the client.
  • Somatic Intelligence: The body holds immense wisdom and healing power. We can train our clients to listen patiently to their felt physical experience, and leverage that wisdom and power.
  • Social Environment: We can support clients in healing, building, and maintaining supportive relationships with family, friends, and partners.
  • Physiology: By supporting patients in developing healthy behaviors in the areas of diet, exercise, and sleep, we can support them in nourishing a healthy mind.
  • Experiential Transformation: We look for moments in which the present moment contains the possibility for transformation.
  • Internal Dynamics: We can assist clients in developing an awareness of and freedom from disempowering beliefs, and undoing biases in the realm of cognition and perception.
  • Early Conditioning: In helping our clients identify and address early emotional injuries, we may help them find new freedom from outdated ways of being.
  • Psychoeducation: Beyond therapeutic guidance, we also assist our patients in understanding the how and why of the process so that they can become more skillful with future challenges.

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